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Grupo Frali is constantly looking for new investment opportunities in Argentina and abroad.

Grupo Frali is constantly looking for new investment opportunities in Argentina and abroad.

— The Company

Since its foundation 25 years ago, Grupo Frali has developed a business model characterized by its sustained growth, placing special emphasis on investments that promote progress in Argentina.


The company carries out businesses and investments in Argentina and abroad. It operates in different industries, from real estate development and construction, hospitality, agriculture, cattle and energy projects, to financial businesses.


The company is constantly looking for new investment opportunities, both in Argentina and abroad.


Its stockholders are founding partners of Frávega, leading retail company with more than 100 years of business activity in the country.

— Our Values

We are committed to ensuring sustainability in every project we undertake. This leads us to design action plans that respect the environment, human development and social impact.


We support the country’s growth and development by assessing investment and new   business opportunities in Argentina.

— Business Units

The soundness of our business units, together
with our team work, foster the company’s
continual growth.

— Barrio Septiembre

In 2001, Grupo Frali developed Barrio Septiembre, a private residential complex in Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires – only 47 km from the city. In this project, the company commercialized 400 plots of land and built more than 50 houses and 60 apartments, which were destined to generate a renting business.

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— La Reserva Cardales

In 2008, the company developed its second real estate project, La Reserva Cardales, located in Campana, Province of Buenos Aires. The project established the concept of Mix use in Argentina, combining a private residential complex with more than 500 plots of land, an 18-hole golf course and a 20-hectare lagoon with a 5 star hotel.


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— New Projects

In 2014, the company acquired an 85-hectare plot of land by the sea, with 300 meters of ocean shore in Rocha, Uruguay, with the purpose of expanding its real estate business. Development of this land is planned in the medium-term. In early 2016, the bridge that connects Rocha with Punta del Este was inaugurated; this creates positive expectations for the project.


In 2018, the Grupo Frali acquired a new plot of land of 3,626 m2 in the city of Miami, United States, on the Biscayne Boulevard at Edgewater. The company can develop a project of up to 61,000 m2 in this area, conveniently located near Wynwood and the Miami Design District.

— Sofitel La Reserva Cardales

In 2008, the company invested more than 80 million dollars in the construction of the 5 star hotel Sofitel La Reserva Cardales, located in Campana, Province of Buenos Aires.


The hotel, run by the French hotel chain Accor under the trademark Sofitel, has 160 rooms, a convention center that accommodates 1200 people, 14 event rooms, a golf course and a world class SPA.

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— Argentina

In 2012, the company entered the agriculture industry by acquiring 3600 hectares in General Villegas, Province of Buenos Aires. In 2017, this surface was extended by incorporating 800 additional hectares. Trusting Argentina’s development, one of the main objectives of the company is to expand its agricultural investments in the medium-term.

— U.S.

In 2012, the company acquired 2000 hectares in the state of Mississippi, U.S., marking the beginning of its activities abroad. By the end of 2015, it acquired another 1000 hectares in the same state. In 2017 new investments were made, which allowed reaching a total of 4000 hectares.

— La Banderita

Based on the energetic need that Argentina will face in the coming years and on its commitment to the environment, the company has decided to venture into this sector. This has given rise to the wind power project called “La Banderita,” which is located in General Acha, Province of La Pampa.


At the beginning of 2019, as planned, La Banderita was inaugurated, a 39 MW power plant consisting of 11 Vestas brand wind turbines of 3.6 MW each and a transformer substation. The park has all permits and studies needed to expand its capacity further to 100MW, which the company aim to achieve in the medium-term. The energy generated from renewable sources will supply 45,000 families.


In our country, wind power energy occupies 2% of the energy matrix. Grupo Frali participates with 6% of the wind generation matrix in Argentina.

— Human Resources

A young and dynamic group that encourages development, innovation and growth by committing to generate a positive impact in the country and its community.


Joining the team at Grupo Frali implies being part of a diverse group that is focused on encouraging and supporting professional development and personal growth.


The company puts special emphasis on looking after each individual that joins the team by favoring a positive, connected and supportive workplace.

— For more information

— Contact


+54 03489 466110


Ruta Panamericana Nº9, Km 61. (2804)
Campana, Argentina.